Training Camille

Sessions 2, 3 and 4

The Training of Camille are recordings of rehearsals when Camille began to work on developing a character who is tortured and killed for a television miniseries and later for a character who suffers the pain of crucifixion for a feature film. The tapes were not made for public viewing, they were recorded a very long time ago, even if it feels like yesterday and the images are as fresh as if they had been made today but without today’s technology.

There are a total of eleven sessions which were recorded in VHS tape, of those 11 sessions, we are releasing three of them in this DVD. 

For those who follow the work of the beautiful and amazing Camille, it is a must to add to their collection these, until now un-released, “Training Camille” videos.

Download The Training of Camille Sessions 2, 3, 4