CruXtreme II – The Roommate

A beautiful young woman responds to an add for a room for rent. As she enters the house, she likes what she sees. The place is sunny, warm, there are plants. The man who owns the place offers her a drink, she must be thirsty. As she drinks, the woman explains that she’s looking for a job, she left her hometown in search for something better for herself.

After a few moments she feels dizzy, tired. “I’ll show you to your room” the man says.  As they enter the dark room she notices that there’s no bed in the room, but she’s too faint to react. She can’t do much as the man takes her shirt off and bends her over what looks like a medieval rack, tying her wrists to the sides.

She found more than a room, she has entered a depraved lair where she will suffer the torments of hell at the hands of her new roommate.

Trailer coming soon!

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