Seven Days On The Cross

Seven Days on the Cross is the story of Varinia the grand-daughter of Spartacus and the suspected leader of a conspiracy against the Roman Empire. She falls into the hands of the Romans who are not going to allow another Spartacus to rise up against the established order.
Her captors decided to make an example of her to dissuade others to follow in her steps. If 2000 crucified rebels did not make a point before, one woman as an spectacle of pain should.

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Episode II

Varinia is not suffering as a means to persuade her. She’s enduring the imaginative variations of the cross as a way to dissuade others not to follow her path. She has five more days ahead of her and the last two were already too much to bear.

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Episode III

Varinia’s torments continue…

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Episode IV

Just when you thought she’d had enough, now comes the ultimate test to her resistance, will it be the end?

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