CruXtreme III – The Callback

A young actress shows up at a studio for a callback. She’s aspiring to play the lead role in a film by a very famous and bizarre film director.
The young woman enters the dark studio and finds nobody there. She calls out, there’s no response. She looks around, sees chains and whips hanging on the walls, a wooden post stands tall in the center, the movie lights are on. She checks a studded platform by the post. She feels the metal studs with her fingers. She moves on, holds a leather whip in her hands, feels the cold metal shackles and chains next to the whips.

Out of the dark, the director appears behind her, tells her not to turn, he pulls a wooden stake and pressing it against her cheek, tells her that he picked her because he thinks she can take what is needed for the film, an extremely difficult film, but gives her the choice, to stay and take all the cruelty that the film demands, or to leave never to return.

She chooses to stay and thus begins what she could not have imagined. She will suffer what the character she will be playing has coming to her. A death sentence involving many excruciatingly painful and gut-wrenching tortures, every one of them could bring a merciful end to her torments.

Stripped of her clothing she’s made to sit on the studded platform and her extreme suffering begins.Will she endure the agonies of her slow and painful execution?

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