The Perils of Jane in The Green Inferno

Episode 1

Jane, a hiker exploring the rain forest of an exotic South American country, walks into what seems to be an abandoned land in the middle of the hills overlooking a far away river.

She puts her backpack away and lays on a table, sheltering from the hot sun, ready to please herself and maybe take a nap.

Out of nowhere a man in dark glasses appear captures her, tying her with rough ropes.

Will Jane escape or will she have to suffer the dreadful plans the mysterious man has for her?

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Episode 2

Jane is taken down from the tree where she was tied to under the drizzling rain. Beaten and half naked, she attempts to crawl away in a vane attempt to escape from the man in dark glasses, but he drags her back through the mud for more torments.

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Episode 3

Jane, after another night spent outdoors tied to a cross, is taken to the tree of torments where she will meet her final fate. Will it be the end? 

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