The Perfect Enforcer

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Mila’s Transformation From Perfect Victim To The Perfect Enforcer Mila was tortured in Maleficarum, tortured and crucifed in Le Marquis de la Croix, Crucified in Dead But Dreaming, strangled in Barbazul, had some good fun in Olalla where she played s&m games with her vampire uncle, she was spanked in Pygmalion, tortured and crucified again in Mila […]

The Passion of Isabel – The History of The Set

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The History of The Set Last year this location was full of people, a crew, a cast, three leading ladies, one leading gentleman. The dungeon seemed small to hold all those people plus all the equipment which included a crane, lights, cameras and all those big torture instruments, particularly The Wheel, which took a third of the dungeon’s main […]