Torture Games Postponed

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Torments on Hold! February is here! And I am not even done with January, the first month of 2021 which began as if 2020 was still around, like an extension of December 2020. And as the world tried, unsuccessfully, to turn the page and got stuck in the middle, Jac was forced to postponed the production of CruXtreme V – […]

Torture à la folie!

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Torture à la folie! I feel like it was just yesterday that I wrote We’re in October! … and now October is gone! So freaking fast, really, Halloween is in the past! I didn’t even see it happen. Jac and his extremely lovely Divas, ended the month having a terrific and gut-wrenching fun time in the set, but […]

An Almost Religious Experience

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CruXtreme – An Almost Religious Experience Download CruXtreme II – The Roommate CruXtreme II – The Roommate is out in the world and quickly rising up on our stats as our old fans add the new film to their ever growing collection or new people discover us, which is a good sign and it makes Dani and Jac very, very […]

CruXtreme II Is Here!

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CruXtreme II – The Roommate Is Here! After a long time, longer than expected, the second film in the CruXtreme Series is FINALLY OUT! CruXtreme II – The Roommate has a simple premise. A beautiful young woman responds to an add for a room for rent and ventures to a house where she hopes to find a place to live […]

CruXtreme II is coming!

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CruXtreme II – The Roommate  An imminent release! CruXtreme II – The Roommate, is going through the last few steps for completion. It should be processed and the assets should be ready for upload during the weekend. I will be making the official announcement of its release on Monday. Bergie14 I know Dani is acting, but […]

A Ten Torture Promise

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A Ten Torture Promise And a new release coming up! Jac is in putting the finishing touches to CruXtreme II – The Roommate, it includes the building and mixing the soundtrack, checking the color correction and processing the entire movie. It’s all technical now, most of the work is done by the computer, the processing […]

The Whistle Of The Whip

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Moving on by the force of The Whistle of The Whip A nice comment came my way: Eulalia: Margot said:  expression Viento en Popa, has many meanings, like Full Steam Ahead, In Full Stride, Booming, the more literal meaning being: The Wind Behind Its Sails and so on… It comes from the times of sailing the oceans, of course, with the […]