Monday, Nasty Monday

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Monday, Nasty Monday and CruXtreme II is a 7 Download CruXtreme II – The Roommate August is HERE! CruXtreme II – The Roommate is quickly rising in the Best Seller stats for our small company. After less than two weeks in the market it took the first place for July and it has reached the 7th […]

An Interview with Jac Avila on the Maleficarum-Censorship-Debate

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Maleficarum has recently become the centerpiece of a censorship controversy. How did this start actually? It started with a letter. We released the film in October 2011, on the 31st to coincide with Halloween. It was our intention to have a premiere at the Cinemateca, a place that was open to our movies in the recent past, […]

Return To Normal?

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The Return To Some Kind Of Normal For the first time in many weeks, Dani and Jac will meet to organize the production of the third part of the CruXtreme Series. They will do some tests and schedule the shooting of the new extremely intense film. Meanwhile, the post production of CruXtreme II – The […]