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Inquisition Rehearsal

Inquisition Rehearsal

Gabrielle and Camille rehearse for the production of the series Red Feline Faces the Inquisition.

Out of the Red Feline Pictures Archives comes a little treasure from the analogue tape days, circa 1998.  During the summer of that year, Camille, Gabrielle and Jan Jac were in New York, preparing the set for the Red Feline Faces The Inquisition Series. It was going to be the fiirst time Gabrielle was in front of the camera, at the same time, Jac was testing the camera and both, Camille and Gabrielle, began rehearsing their roles for the movie to come. All three of them were also busy building and testing the props, like the rack, decorating the set, setting up the lights.  It took a few days to shoot and as they went on, everything began to improve, the lighting, the set, even the camera work, not Jan Jac’s work with the camera, but the working of the camera itself that had some problems at the beginning. Camille and Gabrielle were also sharpening their acting skills, specially Gabrielle, who was getting ready for the big test, suffering under the Inquisition.

When they sat to analyze the work, to discuss the performances and so on, Jan Jac realized that he had a strange movie in his hands, one that one day, much much later, he would want to release. 22 years later, the Inquisition Rehearsals video is here!



Written and Directed by Amy Hesketh

Belonging to an incestuous family of vampires has its disadvantages.

Based in the story by Robert Louis Stevenson, “Olalla” tells the story of a gothic and decadent family of genetic vampires who need human blood to survive, and where incest is the only way to maintain the family line.
 CruXtreme I - The Playroom

CruXtreme I – The Playroom

A young woman and a man of certain age share a moment in his bedroom. As they sip their glasses of rum, the man mentions he has a ‘playroom’. She promises to be a good girl if he shows it to her. As they visit the playroom, she comments it is so medieval, like the Spanish Inquisition. Do you want to play? He asks. Yes, she responds. Thus begins a night of extreme torture and terror.

   CruXtreme II
  CruXtreme III
Maleficarum II: Monxa Mala

Maleficarum II: Monxa Mala

One woman’s defiant act unleashes the horrors of the inquisition on the six women cloistered in its dungeons.

 Mila a la Croix

Mila a la Croix

Mila must endure a series of terrifying tribulations at the hands of a mad monk and crazy nun before succumbing to her ultimate fate.

Runtime:  63 minutes.

 The Passion of Isabel

The Passion of Isabel

The year is 1501… The world is changing after a great discovery of strange and exciting new lands beyond the horizon. And yet, even amidst this hope, there is still the horror of the Inquisition. It is into this world that Isabel is accused of a horrible crime. Isabel is called to her father’s side at the high tower in a palace. There, she will meet the man her father has chosen to be her husband: Torquemada – the lord of the land around her and the palace.

When Isabel’s inebriate father proudly and publicly announces that he has given her hand in marriage to his aristocratic friend, she violently refuses – insulting both her father and their host. Enraged by this public humiliation, her father rushes to chastise her. To free herself from his grip, she pushes him, causing him to fall from the tower to his death. This dooms Isabel. For she is locked in a dungeon to await trial.

But there will not be any trial… Her fate now rests in the hands of Torquemada. And he has only one goal: Destroy the woman who humiliated and rejected him.

Will Isabel resist the tortures Torquemada plans for her? Will Torquemada break Isabel’s resistance?



Innocent Justine endures extreme torture and violation at the sadistic hands of the Marquis de Sade’s disciples of pain, pleasure and sexual deviance. In this latest post-modernist rendering of de Sade’s classic novel, Justine’s steadfast faith and naive trust enslave her in a number of perverse practices illustrating that virtue is no match for vice.
Dead But Dreaming

Dead But Dreaming

A vampire film with “altitude”!

Written and Directed by
Jac Avila
A sacrifice is about to take place when Nahara appears out of nowhere. She replaces the ordained victim. A stake is plunged into her chest but she doesn’t die.
Barbazul (Bluebeard)

Barbazul (Bluebeard)

Barbazul loves women… he just can’t stop killing them!

This DVD contains:
-Movie with optional English, German, French, Spanish, and English hearing impaired subtitles (original language English & Spanish) 16:9 widescreen

 Le Marquis de la Croix

Le Marquis de la Croix

Based on the twisted writings of the Marquis de Sade.

Maleficarum (Theatrical Version)

Maleficarum (Theatrical Version)

Written and Directed by
Jac Avila
Maria Francisca, a wealthy young heiress and her friend Mariana De Castro, a young protestant widow, are accused of witchcraft and taken before the Spanish Inquisition of Lima, Peru.
Maleficarum (Theatrical Version)

Maleficarum (Director’s Cut)

Maria Francisca, a wealthy young heiress and her friend Mariana De Castro, a young protestant widow, are accused of witchcraft and taken before the Inquisition.



The South American 50 Shades of Grey.

An encounter between an older Bolivian man and a young French woman leads to an unusual relationship.

Martyr (English Subtitles)

Martyr (English Subtitles)

As the postmodern world is stormed by an onslaught of religious fundamentalism and resurrected holy wars, Camille, a 21st century young French woman, experiences the passion of a 3rd century virgin martyr.

*NTSC or PAL depending on your region. We ship within 2-3 business days upon receiving your order. 🙂

Agent X

Agent X

Agent X plans to meet her contact in an abandoned house. What she doesn’t know is that she’s been double-crossed. Instead, a government official is waiting for her. The interrogator plans to torture her for as long as it takes to get the information he needs. Will Agent X survive these ordeals, or will she spill the beans?



Our first movie made without the use of special effects. Real marks, real sound, real…
A young woman is strangled unconscious in her bed by a mysterious masked man. When she awakens she is hogtied and blindfolded. Where is she? What will this man do to her? She soon finds out the answers to this questions as her psychotic torturer violates her body and her mind.

Romana Crucifixia Est...

Romana Crucifixia Est…

The story of a young Roman woman who is captured, tortured and crucified by a vengeful barbarian.

The Perils of Jane in the Green Inferno - Episode 1

The Perils of Jane in the Green Inferno – Episode 1

In Episode One, Jane, a hiker exploring the jungle, finds an abandoned house and decides to indulge in naughty pleasures. She is surprised by a man in dark glasses who ties her up and tortures her mercilessly. He ties her to a post and whips her, makes her kneel on sharp rocks, whipping her more. Jane’s humiliation and despair increase when the man ties her to a tree, whipping her shirt from her body. He leaves her hanging, arms spread, slumped against the bark, wet with rain to spend the night surrounded by the sounds of the jungle. (no blood)

 The Perils of Jane in the Green Inferno - Episode 2

The Perils of Jane in the Green Inferno – Episode 2

The Perils of Jane in the Green Inferno, Episode Two, continues…Jane has been left to hang from a tree all night. Welts adorn her skin, the rain beats down, but she feels nothing. The tortures of the day before, the rain and the cold have rendered her unconcscious. Her Torturer takes down her limp body and leaves her lying in the mud. Jane makes a futile attempt to escape her captor and he doesn’t take it lightly. The day’s tortures begin, more brutal than yesterday…will she survive another day? (no blood)

The Perils of Jane in the Green Inferno - Episode 3

The Perils of Jane in the Green Inferno – Episode 3

Her wrists tied apart, Jane hangs from a cross for a second night. The new day begins with a drink of water, courtesy of her torturer, who then proceeds to take her down and onto her next ordeal. He strings her up by her wrists from a tree branch and proceeds to whip off her panties, and her skin with it. The tortures continue and only become more gruesome. Will her suffering never end? (blood effects)



A bored Princess decides to take a walk in the jungle down to the river. On the way, she meets a disrespectful Serf. After she kicks him and spits in his face, he decides to teach her a lesson and follows her down to the river.
After capturing the poor Princess and stealing her clothes and jewels, the Serf ties her to a rock and beats her. What follows is an increasingly arduous journey for the Princess as she is suspended and beaten, her petticoat ripped, left hanging overnight in an old stone hut in the Strappado, tied to a patibulum with her own stockings, made to walk with her patibulum across rough terrain, scourged, nailed to her patibulum and forced to walk to her cross where she is crowned with thorns and her feet nailed to the cross. In her last moments, she looks longingly up at the castle she left behind.

 The Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 1 & 2

The Via Crucis of Camille – Crux 1 & 2

The long awaited Via Crucis of Camille is here! The first two Via Crucis, Crux 1 – The Princess, and Crux 2 – The Thief, on one DVD.
Two intense studies of scourging and crucifixion as only Camille can portray it.

The Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 3

The Via Crucis of Camille – Crux 3

The Via Crucis of Camille continues with Crux 3- The Slave.
Camille emotes an innocent slave being whipped and crucified for an unknown transgression. She resists the pain, grimacing, trying not let out a sound, to thwart the ones who want to make her scream. Her sounds of pain, her whimpering and cries do not move her torturer who continues to whip her mercilessly, until he tires of this and crucifies her with nails through her hands and feet.
An intimate study of torture and crucifixion by Camille and JJ. Another of their private videos, now available to the public for a limited time!

 The Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 4 & 5

The Via Crucis of Camille – Crux 4 & 5

The savage role-play between JJ and Camille continues in these two movies in the Via Crucis series.
JJ becomes more creative as Camille becomes a savage, trying not to cry out at the brutal sting of the whip.
But the torturer wins out as Camille cries echo in the room. Two can’t- be-missed looks into the very special Camille Duka’s career.

The Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 6 & 7

The Via Crucis of Camille – Crux 6 & 7

Two installments of The Via Crucis of Camille on one DVD! More intimate sessions with JJ and Camille.The passion play of Camille continues in Crux 6 & 7.

In Crux 6 JJ changes the lighting and the setup, Camille’s acting is delicious as usual as she reacts to the pain of scourging, stretching, slow stabbing, and crucifixion.

In Crux 7, JJ and Camille improve upon those same elements and add a longer scourging, suspension, and nailing of the feet to the mix. A must-have for fans of Camille. In her rise to the superstar of Red Feline, these two peeks into her career can’t be missed.

The Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 8

The Via Crucis of Camille – Crux 8

JJ and Camille intensify their passion play in this 8th chapter of the Via Crucis, The Hostage of Rome.
Camille begins her arc as a brave, stoic captive, but her anger soon evaporates to the rhythm of the whip, stretching, and crucifixion.

 The Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 9

The Via Crucis of Camille – Crux 9

JJ and Camille begin to open up the road to Red Feline on the Cross in this next to last installment.
The action is more intense, and the camera roams over Camille like never before.

The Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 10
The Via Crucis of Camille – Crux 10

The final chapter in The Via Crucis of Camille. Camille’s training ends in a brutal and elaborate tale.
The most intense of all of the series, the last movie Camille and JJ filmed before they began Red Feline on the Cross.

The Via Crucis of Jane - Crux 1
The Via Crucis of Jane – Crux 1

The Via Crucis is a series of rehearsals for movies. A study of crucifixion and an initmate roleplay between JJ and his ladies. In The Via Crucis of Jane, Crux 1, Jane and JJ play out a scenario in which Jane is humiliated, scourged, nailed to the cross, and whipped even more.

The Via Crucis of Jane - Crux 2
The Via Crucis of Jane – Crux 2

The villain ties Jane to the post and whips her front and back until she faints, then he lowers her, ties her to the patibulum and hoists her back up to face the post. Making the scene much more challenging and painful for Jane, the villain then ties her feet to the post and forces a stick behind her knees, between Jane and the post. The villain rips off Jane’s last covering of modesty and proceeds to whip her more. Turning Jane around the villain crucifies her and whips her even more as she struggles against the ropes tying her to the cross. He then ties her feet to the bottom of the cross and shoves the stick behind her knees, between her and the cross, making poor Jane use her last bit of strength to remain on the cross until she dies.

7 Days on the Cross - Episode 1
7 Days on the Cross – Episode 1

Seven Days on the Cross is the story of Varinia the grand-daughter of Spartacus and the suspected leader of a conspiracy against the Roman Empire. She falls into the hands of the Romans who are not going to allow another Spartacus to rise up against the established order.Her captors decided to make an example of her to dissuade others to follow in her steps. If 2000 crucified rebels did not make a point before, one woman as an spectacle of pain should.

In the First Episode, Varinia becomes acquainted with her companion for the next seven torturous days: the rough and unforgiving timber and spends her first two days subject to merciless punishments.

 7 Days on the Cross - Episode 2
7 Days on the Cross – Episode 2

Varinia’s third day starts well enough, she is allowed to drink a precious liquid that gives her strength. Still tied to the timber, she’s forced onto the wooden horse. Her tender parts are splintered by the rough wood as she’s whipped front and back.. She’s not suffering the tortures as a means to persuade her. She’s enduring the imaginative variations of the cross as a way to dissuade others not to follow her path.Each new torture is designed to steadily increase her pain, while keeping her alive to take even more. She has five more days ahead of her and the last two were already too much to bear.

7 Days on the Cross - Episode 3
7 Days on the Cross – Episode 3

The third episode of Seven Days on the Cross, opens on Varinia who, after a night of walking under the weight of the timber and the rhythm of the whip, is made to lay down, face down, on a plank of nails. Again she feels the blows of the whip on her back. But that’s not the end. She’s made to turn around, to face the sky, her back on top of the piercing nails… again the feels the crush of the merciless lash on her bleeding chest and legs. She’s spends the night on her bed of pain. When the sun returns, a few drops of water are her only nourishment, a show of mercy before the long nails are shown to her. The sixth day starts with the blows of the hammer as the metal spikes are driven into her hands.

7 Days on the Cross - Episode 4

7 Days on the Cross – Episode 4

In the fourth episode (of 5) of Seven Days on the Cross we find Varinia with her hands nailed to the timber, her neck locked in place against the wooden post by the metal neck brace. Ready for the worst scourging yet. She’s tortured still further until her tormentor tires of whipping her tender skin and nails her feet to the stipes.
Just when you thought she’d had enough, now comes the ultimate test to her resistance, will it be the end?

(1) Red Feline Faces the Inquisition

(1) Red Feline Faces the Inquisition

The trial could be happening, or it might have started, or it is about to start. It doesn’t really matter, because the purpose of the events to follow is to extract information from the victims; Red Feline and Melissa the Nun.
The charges of Heresy, witchcraft and dealings with the devil have already been written in the book…. the victims must either sign the book as a full confession, or suffer the pain of torture until they do.
The methods to be applied are many, the priests hope that they won’t have to … or do they? Witness the suffering of the guilty as they refuse to face reality.
Red Feline is thrown into a dungeon where Melissa, the nun, is already being prepared for torture. She must first witness how Melissa suffers the whip and the Stiletto before she faces the trials of the Inquisition.

(2) Further Ordeals of Red Feline and Melissa

(2) Further Ordeals of Red Feline and Melissa

Will they confess? The Inquisitors are always severe. They mean to extract a confession which will justify their work. It was not acceptable to have the accused die without a proper and signed confession. To achieve this goal, they take their time. Melissa suffers the indignities of the Spanish Horse. Red Feline, after a very exacting whipping that fails to bring an admission of sin, is is placed on the rack, a slow- burning fire under her, roasting her back as she’s whipped and stretched; a persuasive method of having someone spill her guts. Perhaps literally. Will Red Feline resist?

(3) The Unbearable Tribulations of Red Feline and Melissa

(3) The Unbearable Tribulations of Red Feline and Melissa

The Unbearable Tribulations of Red Feline and Melissa continue in this, the third installment of their painful story. With every minute, they approach their ultimate fate.
One more attempt is made by those in charge to exact a confession out of the wretched women. Will the two women confess and get it over with?
Melissa reconsiders her situation, after suffering backbreaking tribulations on the Spanish Horse, her tender flesh is pricked and pierced in search of the Devil’s Mark.
Red Feline, after hanging spread-eagle by her ankles, fully exposed to the whip, refuses still. Is she testing her limits?

(4) The Execution of the Unrepented

(4) The Execution of the Unrepented

The fourth episode in the Red Feline Faces the Inquisition Series. The ultimate fate for Red Feline and Melissa is at hand.

Red Feline faces the ultimate fate, dangling in mid air, her hands nailed and stretched wide, will Melissa save herself from the inevitable? All she has to do is sign the book where here crimes have already been written. It’s all so simple, she hears them say. It’s either a swift end at the merciful edge of the sword or the long agony of the ultimate torture. Melissa looks up to her hanging and nailed friend. She’s ready for her answer.Will Melissa follow Red Feline, her companion in pain, to the ghastly suffering of the cross? Or will she recant to the tune of decapitation?

 Crux Bride - Volume 1

Crux Bride – Volume 1

Digitally remastered!
Pushed into a sunless room, blindfolded, still wearing her wedding dress, the Bride waits for her unimaginable suffering to begin. Her groom has planned everything, he will bring her to the edge of her limits, and perhaps her sanity. Sensory Deprivation – Hot Wax – Caning – Bondage (no blood)

Crux Bride - Volume 2

Crux Bride – Volume 2

Digitally remastered!!! The second day begins as the Bride is waking from her night spent on the cold floor of the dark room. Yesterdays’s beatings still mark her exquisite skin, as her lover leads her bound in chains and scourged by the whip, to the cross. She is tied to the X cross and beaten mercilessly, only to be stripped of the remaining rags of her wedding dress. Her lover has already pushed her past her limits. Can she take any more? (no blood)

Red Room

Red Room

The Man in Black strikes again.
Jane gets ahold of a copy of a classic film: Red Feline on the Cross. She recognizes the house where the story takes place. In her exploration she discovers the house has been turned into a modern building. Intent on discovering what happened to the house, she enters the building and wanders into an empty, red apartment. The Man in Black appears as if from nowhere. Thus begins Jane’s journey of pain. She wanted to find Red Feline, but she found far worse.

Red Feline on the Cross

Red Feline on the Cross

The classic tale of torture and crucifixion

This is our all time bestseller. Red Feline endures seven deliciously nasty tortures just because she walks into the right place at the wrong time. She’s the perfect martyr because she’s a fantasy, her own wild fantasy. You’ll have to repeat to yourself … “It’s only a fantasy … It’s only a fantasy”. A long, endless nightmare of whipping, torture and crucifixion. If you haven’t seen this, you haven’t seen anything at all.

Training Jane

Training Jane

Two sessions of Jane´s training to be a member of the Red Feline Crew. Completely improvised and unscripted! A very personal look into Jane´s evolution as an actress for Red Feline Pictures.
In Session 1, Jane is tied standing, kneeling, on the floor, and on the bed, and whipped with a Hungarian bullwhip in a hotel room in South America.

In Session 2, Jane is cuffed to a frame and whipped with a four-tailed whip. Then she’s moved to the bed, restrained with her arms open, and spanked with a riding crop. Later, she´s suspended with her arms open and whipped again.
In both sessions real marks are left by the whip, no special effects are used.

 The Via Crucis of Mila

The Via Crucis of Mila

In this, her debut performance, Mila suffers the indignities of the whip and the cross at the hands of a cruel tormentor in the rough plains of the desert.

Mila is herded barefoot over the rough ground to the fateful tree where she is tied, her arms apart and whipped. The man turns her around and whips her again with her arms spread. Next he ties her feet up beneath her and leaves her to suffer.