Let The Naughty Games Begin

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Let The Naughty And Nasty Games Return!

July begins with a new release in our store, two movies waiting to be cut in amazingly torturous sexy bits full of cruelty and nasty goings, and one exceedingly difficult to produce new film from our Red Feline Productions Team, now reduced to three hard working playmates, who sadly are not busy all of the time, not even most of the time…. I would say maybe some of the time, something like maybe one… two… even THREE days per month, which in the times of Covid is already a lot.

CruXtreme III – The Callback is quickly climbing up in the charts, it is now second to JUSTINE and moving up in our consistently accurate charts. The new film reached those heights in a few days, passing the levels that all the films reached in the entire year so far. That is great. It means that the CruXtreme series is now popular enough with our fans to make us feel confident on continuing the work.

The times for big productions like JUSTINE or Maleficarum are not here yet. The conditions to have a big cast and crew are slowly taking shape, so, maybe in a couple of months our small but gigantic Production Team will grow and we’ll have, once again, a nice, big production values team to engage in one of those mainstream movies Jac loves to make. There are at least three films of that kind in the plans, 69 Année Érotique, Diabólicas and Casa De Fieras. Any of these films might begin production as soon as September or as late as December. We’ll see, in the meantime, our most enthusiastic Red Feline Productions Team will engage in more of these small three cast and crew productions like the CruXtreme Series.


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