CruXtreme III is Coming!

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CruXtreme III is Upon Us!

CruXtreme III – The Callback is coming soon!!! This Xtremely intense film starring Dani is on its last leg of post production before it is finally release to the world!

I will have the date of release in the next few days. Jac was laboring on this one for sometime now, he didn’t think it would take so long to edit. One reason for the slowness of this process is because he has been working more with the sound. He’s practically composing the soundtrack, and I don’t mean the sound effects, I mean the music. He’s playing with it a lot now.

Another reason is because after the having all the shots he needed properly set and cut, he had a very long film, over two and a half hours, so, he had to start the process of cutting it down. It meant re-arranging many shots, trimming others and that is time consuming. As I mentioned before, there was a scene where Dani received 400 lashes of the whip. 400! In one scene! I wonder how many she really received. That was the edited version. I know that the scene took a few days to shoot. I bet she received something like 1,000 lashes, just for that scene… and that happened while she was standing on the spiked chair.

nardnob Margot said:The entire film was over two hours after the first cut. It’s down to 1 hr and 57 minutes now. Jac plans to slash it down to 90 min or so this long weekend. As he goes over the edited shots, he’s as merciless as he was during the shooting. Even if he likes some shots, he cuts them out or down as needed. While he does that, he ruminates over another idea that doesn’t leave his head, one that is similar to what he’s editing, a crucifixion, spread eagled, with impaling, but with something more dramatic going on… undoable, he thinks, but fun to consider it.

Margot, call it just one fan’s opinion, but it seems to me y’all are way undervaluing what lays on the cutting room floor!!! Why not take the released finished product, collect all the outtakes, and recompile into an extended ‘Directors Cut’ released six months or a year from now? Director’s Cut including every slash of the whip, every drop of blood from the barbed wire, every inch of the impalement shaft, every puncture from the inquisitors probe, every pitiful agonized scream of the helplessly naked and hopelessly suffering martyr? Guaranteed, there are LOTS of suckers like me who’d be more than happy to buy BOTH versions!!!
And that helpful suggestion pretty much goes for every film in your catalog… Cheers! 

That’s an enticing proposition; however, a year is a pretty long time and there will be a few more movies during that time. What will most likely happen is that we’ll have the out takes in some kind of Making Of the movie series of sequences. We might title that sequence The 400 Blows!

CruXtreme III, will be up in the store sometime next week. I will have the Key Art and all the promos to begin the launch as well. I know it’s 90 minutes long.

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