The Struggle to torture … and to be tortured.

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The Struggle to torture

And To Be Tortured

We truly live in uncertain times. The Red Feline cast can’t get together for more extreme fun and torture. Or, should I say, extremely tortured fun?

The culprit is our now extremely familiar and active pandemic that doesn’t let go. More family members of one of the sexy trio have fallen under the curse of the century and because she was in close contact with at least one of them, she couldn’t freely interact with her cast chums while waiting to be tested and all the process of making sure the virus didn’t take hold of her.

The good part is that none of her beloved family members, her grandparents, her father and a cousin, got very sick. Yes, she has grandparents still. In fact, the elder of them all, who tested positive, doesn’t even know she has it. No symptoms. Still, the situation sucks big time. Which doesn’t mean that the exceptionally gifted troika, if I may describe them as such, are stagnant.

While Mila is engaged in her education, with a lot of technical learning, online, in the area of media and art and Dani is collaborating in a the writing of a play, long distance, as well as working on her TV show, from home, Jac is close to finish the post production of CruXtreme III – The Callback, a film that brings forth a flood of emotions to the famous editor/director, emotions that he doesn’t know how to deal with. Specially these days, when his exquisite playmates are not around to play those incredibly sexy games with him.

Eulalia Covid’s having a chilling effect on our lives in so many ways – but it’s good to know everyone’s safe, and eager to make progress. Isn’t Dani wonderful?

Dani is becoming more and more famous in her city and country. A major newspaper gave her a full page with a nice interview and tons of pictures. The printed version can be seen in the picture below. The online version at the link: Dani Interview Online.

In the long interview she talks about the challenges of both, theater and movie acting. Two different experiences for her. I might have it translated sometime soon but I think you can get google to translate the entire page.

In the midst of all the drama we’re all in, there’s a ray of light fighting through the dark clouds and even if things will never go back to how they were before the pandemic, maybe we’re going to be better prepared for the future, with all its pitfalls.

In our specific case, we have plans, big and little plans, and we’re working out ways of implementing them. We’re learning of new tools available for independent artists whose visions are not necessarily shared by those who could make things happen. Jac enjoys the total creative freedom he has working in his films, both, the small, Red Feline Pictures movies and those bigger movies made through VermeerWorks. He plans to keep both production models going strong.

We did some fundraising for past high value productions like JUSTINE, OLALLA, Pygmalion, and others. It was because of the support of our fans that we could engage in movies of their magnitude. We plan to return to that kind of work in different ways. We will have campaigns, like we had before, for specific films, but we will also go for what we can describe as  Seed Money Campaign.

With that project in mind, we’re looking into one of those new tools, one that is used by some people we know, like the artist known as Darthsaad.

Sometime at the beginning of the year, Erix, of OLALLA, Dead But Dreaming fame, said to Jac Why don’t you join Paetron? You could raise good steady cash with it.

Jac didn’t know what Erix was talking about, so the young man began to explain what it was and how it works. Mentioning that it was similar to IndieGoGo, but that Jac could raise money all the time, not just for one project at a time. To make a long story short, after much discussing, over a couple of months, Jac decided that yes, he’ll set up a Patreon account to raise seed money for projects, hoping that we have enough supporters out there to make it happen.

I will bring this issue up again … and again… and again… with all the intriguing details as they come up. The idea is gestating at this point.

Meanwhile, one way to support the work, is, of course, getting our movies.

In the second film of the CruXtreme SeriesCruXtreme II – The Roommate. After a number of truly nasty tortures on the rack, in ways that the medieval instrument of torture wasn’t designed for, the painfully racked girl is ready for a really nasty crucifixion. Can a rack turned into a crucifixion instrument? Apparently yes.

What more painful indignities can Dani suffer still? Nailed and stretched on the rack? Really?

zaniaqwerty Is Jac actually having sex with Dani in some of the stills?

I’m not sure about which stills you are referring to. However, in the films, some, ehem, … well, … most films, including Olalla, Barbazul, Dead But Dreaming, there are scenes where Jac has on screen sex with the leading female characters in those films.

In CruXtreme I, there’s a scene where Jac and Dani are engaged in sex. In CruXtreme II – The Roommate, Jac rapes Dani, in CruXtreme V, Jac has sex with Dani and Mila. Is it real? Like actual penetration and all that jazz? Not as far as I know, even if sometimes it looks pretty real to me and yet I know it’s not, of course, it is acting …. or is it?

Frank It’s all good, i just think trailers (which can be as basic as a few snippets cut together) are the most important promotion and sales tool you have in this industry. I’m a 100% sure Jac is missing out a significant number of sales – i for one would never buy a movie without having seen a trailer or extensive screenshots, both which are missing on most of your or the Vermeer sites. I’d argue most of your potential customers are not even on here, so for example don’t even know where the blog is etc. I mean, in the time it took you to write above post, i could have edited two trailers, so could have you 🙂 

The major movies, like Maleficarum, JUSTINE, OLALLA and others have trailers available, both at Vimeo and Youtube.

We have trailers for most of the Red Feline Pictures movies, like Red Feline On The Cross and others. We couldn’t put them in our channel in Youtube and we are not offering those films at Vimeo. There was a time when we had a video player in our site, RFPIX, and trailers could be loaded there and people could see them. We’re looking for alternatives now.

One thing we learned early enough is that having a trailer did not increase sales, really. Most of the releases have a peak in the first three months from their release. After that sales go ‘normal’, a steady sale of titles in relatively constant numbers. Some titles, like Justine, maintain a high rate of sales.

It is true that many people would like to see a trailer, but in our experience, that does not affect sales in a big way. It is also true that we might be able to reach more people if we had trailers, so, as soon as we work out the details of where/how to put them, we will.

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