Ready for torture?

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Anyone for some good old torture?

Not Yet!!!?

April is here and the world still hopes for the best … or at least for a bit of relief.  So, it is not strange that since the beginning of the year, our courageous trio tried to get back to the set for the brand new film CruXtreme V – The Playmates, but it hasn’t been easy, to say the least.

However, they celebrated Mila’s birthday and father’s day a couple of weeks ago, with rum, cake and lots of love. Jac joked about how they were breaking a record… One Scene In Three Months! At least they completed that elusive 1st scene for the new film.  It appears that they will be back in the set sometime in April. It appears. Nothing is for sure anymore.

Why were they celebrating father’s day in March? Because on March 19th is father’s day in Bolivia and both, Jac and Erix are fathers. It wasn’t a big celebration, just the sexy trio and Erix.

What became clear to Jac during the celebration is that the time for the film in development, 69 An Erotic Year, is coming and coming fast. However, it depends in the rate of vaccinations in the country, Jac wants a full cast and crew for this movie because the new eminently sexy story has crowded scenes which certainly will need the full participation of a solid crew, including a DP, AD, Make Up person and a couple of Costumes experts, not to mention a bunch of assistants. Some of those scenes take place in a club, there’s a wedding… and so on.

Provost Sorry to learn of the virus’s proximity…be safe, be well. Looking forward to your new work..

The virus remains in close proximity. Dani’s family being the most affected in our circle of friends and family. That’s one reason why the production of the new film was constantly postponed. It will be like this until they are all vaccinated, hopefully soon.

Meanwhile, the tireless director and editor, Jac, of course, is busy with the post production of CruXtreme III – The Callback, Dani’s favorite film so far; she says that it is the film she enjoyed doing the most, so far, and the one that caused her the utmost pain. This is the film where she’s made to sit on a spiky chair to be beaten and whipped, made to stand on that chair to be scourged, set up on the Strappado position to be breast tortured with barbed wire, to then be impaled, nailed hands and feet and have the barbed wire wrapped around her neck and mouth. Pretty bloody, yes.

The post production of this film turned out to be more complicated than Jac thought. He’s fine cutting it, as well as working with all that sound, practically composing the music track for the story, a new skill he developed, and he thinks he should be releasing it sometime before the end of the month. I should be announcing a release date in a couple of weeks.

Frank He could also work on making some trailers for all those newer films that don’t have one. I’d think that’s the first thing you would do if i’d be selling films – also i can’t imagine it to be that time-consuming or difficult. Just my 2 cents 🙂 

When the output was something like ONE movie release per year, there was some time to edit trailers, not to mention having the multi-talented Amy the Heskinator around, with her own powerful computer, to do the editing of trailers, if Jac couldn’t. She was also in charge of setting up the films in our stores, which can be time consuming and cumbersome. Still, back then people complained because of the time it took to release a new film, almost a year after the production was over.

Jac is working all by himself now. He produces, directs, does the camera and sound work, acts, and does all the post production, editing, audio work, which is complex, sets up the films for the stores, and so on and so forth.

I understand Mila is completing a complex academic training in all things media, like editing films, for instance, and Jac might put her in charge of some of the technical work.

Dani is more into the promoting and producing field, she knows what is needed, but someone has to provide her with the elements she needs to do her job, like trailers, key art and so on. She will be more involved in that area of the work in the near future, beginning with the long postponed theatrical release of Amy’s film Pygmalion.

Maybe things will change soon, when the new team is re-organized to produce the bigger films, a couple of big documentaries like the ones done for NatGeo and a long overdue and highly ambitious Television series. One issue that has to be resolved is the acquiring of new computers to have a tight crew of people doing the work that Jac is doing all alone for now.

Jac is going modest for now, with Red Feline Pictures productions like the CruXtreme series where only three people are the entire cast and crew and he does all the artistic and technical work. Dani and Mila can’t really help, maybe before the camera starts rolling. They are mostly tied up, chained up, nailed up… in other words, they can’t do much except scream, cry and suffer.

CruXtremeII – The Roommate came up as one of the best sellers during the month of March. The very intense film where Dani suffers The Rack in very creative and increasingly painful ways. It’s the second film in the series, far more brutal than the first, if that’s possible, bloodier, and yet, Dani thinks the third in the series was the most difficult.

The number ONE best seller for both, February and March is none other than JUSTINE!

This film is quickly rising up and it wants to match Maleficarum, the reigning best seller of ALL TIME.

Having those two films as the best sellers of all time is an indication of our followers preferences. De Sade and the Inquisition are the two subjects that bring in the crowds. Interesting. Will that translate in more productions of that kind? Elaborate, expensive, beautifully shot films with big casts and crews and huge production values … well, they both have Amy as the star.

Those are difficult films to make because of the costs, the far off and exotic locations, the medieval sets, the complicated props and all of that. If Jac manages to raise the funds for a new film like that we might have another inquisition or De Sade movie. We shall see in the coming months.

In the meantime, we have something like 45 great films in our catalogue.

One that sells well, but for some reason lags behind other films is Amy’s amazing film OLALLA. A highly praised film, with great acting, solid story by Amy herself, based on a short story by Robert Louis Stevenson, of Jekyll and Hyde fame, two very sexy ladies in the leading roles, Amy herself and beautiful Mila, and a dramatic burning at the stake sequence.

I will have more news in the coming days… weeks. I practically didn’t update about our work for more than a month. Hopefully I’ll be updating more during the coming weeks. I get too busy sometimes. Maybe the time has come to recruit some help.

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