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Training Camille – Session 2 – 3 – 4

It was the beginning of 1994 when Camille began rehearsing for her role in a television miniseries where she plays the role of twin sisters, one of them is tortured and killed, the other assists an attorney/artist in the investigation of the crime.

Jac shot Camille’s first rehearsal, with his nice VHS camcorder, to study it later and to see how his new actress, and soon to be favorite protégé, performed. It was Camille’s first acting work, ever.

The first, totally improvised session, went well, better than Jac could have ever hoped. Camille demonstrated a tremendous ease to get into the difficult and demanding role of a victim and the lethal situation the character had to face. In the scene Camille, in the role of Genevieve’s sister, is slowly tortured and killed. A tough scene for mainstream television.

Jac wanted to make sure Camille was going to do as fine a job as in her first test, so, a few days before the production of the miniseries started, they had three more sessions of the same scene with very few variations. Camille was totally consistent as if she had been born to play that role.

For the second session of torture under the whip, Camille was willing to go one step further … JJ didn’t have the courage to take that step, he was more concerned with Camille’s acting abilities and her threshold of pain. He had a few more days to prepare the young actress for her first role ever in front of the camera. That was his task, that was his mission, but the opportunity to get closer to Camille was in front of him.

The second session had its moments of fun, as it will be clear in the video. Jac decided not to edit out the funny parts.

In her diary, which was part of the Red Feline Club years ago and it is making a return, Camille talks about meeting Jac, her experience in becoming an actress, her training and how it all turned out those early years. She discusses the second session in these terms:

The second time we rehearsed Jan dragged me in a very realistic way to the torture place. He first tied my hands together, by my wrists, and hoisted me up, my arms raised over my head. My wrists were hurting before we even started, but I didn’t want to show I hurt. He blindfolded me, pressing the blindfold a bit too hard. He then covered my mouth with packing tape, and left me there, it was dark, I was in pain and I couldn’t even complain. I was strung up like that for some time, wondering when will he start beating me.

He was busy preparing the rod and the camera, he was going to shoot the rehearsal all by himself, like before. Just the two of us.

From The Diary of Camille

Jac didn’t need much convincing after that second time, Camille’s acting was consistent, even if sometimes she got out of character to tease him or just make fun of the situation. He just needed to see what were the possibilities for the scene itself. So, he decided to go for a third session where we was going to take Camille one step further.
Camille describes it thus:

I felt like the gown went up to my waist so I felt like I was naked from the waist down… actually I was naked from the waist down.

I was quivering and my legs began to shake, I tried to let a moan come out but before I could do anything I felt the pain across my belly, and another one across my legs. I jumped again, when my feet were back on the floor, my arms felt like they were going to break away from my body.

I was standing on my toes, as the rod came crashing down, again and again on my chest, belly, legs… One of the strokes went across my breasts, touching both nipples at once. My nipples were very sensitive, partly because of the pain, partly because of the excitement, … the pain was unbearable.

From The Diary of Camille

For the fourth session, the last before the shooting of the series, which was scheduled for a couple of days later, Jac decided to push Camille more, to take her to a darker place.

We had one more rehearsal today. Jan said it would be the last because we are going to shoot soon. We repeated the same scene as before, he just didn’t ‘nail’ me again. I teased him from the beginning. I went in the set with my ass showing, directly to the ropes. I put myself there, I was showing him that I had no fear.

He beat me wildly while ripping the rags off my body. He ended when I was naked and hanging. I did not have to wonder what would come next. We fucked, of course, like wild beasts again, he wanted me to be in character, he was making love to me as if it was the last time.

He untied me, lowering my inert body to the floor. My eyes remained open. (His lesson was beginning to work, I kept my eyelids as still as I could for as long as I could.

From The Diary of Camille

Soon after those rehearsal sessions, the shooting of the miniseries began and it would be some time before Camille and Jac returned to the kind of playful shooting they did during those sessions.

After the production of the series was completed, three months later, Jac and Camille continued working on scenes where the soon to be a TV star is tortured and… crucified. We call those sessions, I think 11 of them, Training Camille.

They took advantage of a few vacations in the tropics to do some shooting a few times in the great outdoors.

At one point in time Jac needed some stills to use in the key art for the series. He set up a room in his house, which was under heavy  re-construction, and to put Camille in the proper frame of mind, he shot a torture and crucifixion scene that became a new session of Camille’s training, but that is a story for the future.

Images from some of the sessions were originally featured at the Red Feline Club when it first began, along with Jac’s impressions of the work they were doing as well as Camille’s comments about how she engaged in her torturous adventures, how she felt, and much more, in her diary.

ranger1 Merry CDs, please? Frequent visits the the Red Feline Club have, to date, shown no indications that the materials release will ever eventuate.
And finally, after years of having those beautiful Video Tapes up on our dusty shelves, the decision was made to release them, maybe some, maybe all. We have sessions 2, 3 and 4 already out in one DVD!
The very first session will not be released, it’s very, very short, and I don’t even know if we still have the original DVD, but we have pictures and a story behind it which we will publish it in the  Red Feline Club celebrating our 23rd anniversary

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