Happy and Extremely Naughty 2021!

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2021 is here!

And We Wish You All A Very Happy, Productive And Extremely Naughty 2021!

2020 is gone, to the relief of many who blame the year for all the woes the world suffered.

A year that for our Red Feline team was a mix of The Great and The Horrendous.

The Great part of the year is that in spite of the dreadful world wide pandemic and its inherent dangers and those two full months in complete lockdown, Jac, the extremely naughty director, managed to produce 4 films and set up for a fifth one.

The Horrendous part is that many lives were lost. Dani lost three relatives and a friend to Covid. Beto, of Maleficarum and Barbazul fame, lost a younger brother, Simonne, the protagonist of Monxa Mala is now battling Covid 19, fortunately, she’s recovering. A few of Jac’s relatives were also sick with the virus. Which goes to show us that we must remain cautious until this pandemic goes away … in a couple of years… maybe.

Going back to the good part. At the end of 2019 we released the first film in the CruXtreme series, CruXtreme I – The Playroom, which ended the year as the Number One best seller of 2020.

During the eventful year of 2020, we had four productions and two releases. One of those 4 new films, CruXtremeII – The Roommate was released in the middle of this year. This new release finished the year head to head for the number two spot of Best Seller of the year with the now internationally classic and critically acclaimed JUSTINE.

We also released an oldie from our amazing archives, the long awaited video that gives us a glimpse into how Camille and Gabrielle prepared for their demanding roles in the Red Feline Faces the Inquisition series: Inquisition Rehearsal.

Our tireless  Two Cast And Crew team, Dani and Jac, had to wait a long and maddening two months for the quarantine to be over to finally return to the set and start the production of CruXtreme III – The Callback, a film currently in post production, where Dani endured weeks of ghastly torments that tested her threshold for pain.

Soon after Dani and Jac were done with their new dramatic and bloody collaboration, Mila, the star of Le Marquis De La Croix and other great films, returned to the set to become the tortured leading lady in CruXtreme IV – Roommate IV, a supreme story of suffering that can be described as pure poetry of pain.

The hard and intensely stimulating playful work of having two films in a row was not enough for Jac. Almost immediately and with many interruptions, the threesome from the dungeon of pain ended the year producing a new film: Crux Simplex (For Two). A truly extraordinary and crazy effort that put the two leading ladies in situations so cruel that Jac thought he was going too far in his efforts to make Dani and Mila the perfectly doomed women executed together in a plain transom-less wooden stake by affixing them to it with barbed wire and nails.

As the year ended, before Dani left for a short trip to the tropical eden of her grandmother’s house, the naughty trio began to set up the stage for a new film, CruXtreme V – The Playmates, which will have all three of them as the perversely naughty characters in a movie of total unrestrained passion, extreme suffering and endless torture. The production will commence early next week, if everything is fine, of course, we never know these days.

This new year we are celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the creation of Red Feline Pictures and the release of the first of many films, Red Feline On The Cross, the film that started a mini industry with over 45 films to its credit and in our stores, that’s around two films per year. If we consider that in addition to the Red Feline Pictures  productions there are something like 30 additional movies, documentaries, experimental and so on, that brings the total of productions in less than 25 years to around 75. That’s a lot of work for a tiny crew of dedicated filmmakers.

To celebrate the 23rd anniversary of our companywe are releasing the Training of Camille DVD, the first of hopefully many more, which contains three of those long awaited little movies made as Camille prepared herself for a miniseries for national television, where she plays the roles of twin sisters, one them is tortured and killed and a dramatic film where her character faces torture and crucifixion.

ranger1 Merry Christmas Margot et al, Your recent post “The time to release all those The Training of Camille ‘lost tapes’ has come.” again raises my hopes that finally these fabled video recordings of Camille’s Training will become actually available for purchase by her many devotees. Can you advise forum members now how we will be able to purchase this anxiously awaited material of Camille training/being trained for the envisaged videoing of her magnificent “Via Crucis” series of DVDs, please? Frequent visits the the Red Feline Club have, to date, shown no indications that the materials release will ever eventuate.

Tantalisingly, every so often, we Camille devotees will read postings on this Crux Forums website of the imminent release of this material but nothing ever seems to eventuate in the public domain. Trustingly, I hope this time that the precious recordings of Camille’s exploration of the rigours and physical endurance required to realistically portray the preparations for and eventual crucifixion of a female victim will see the light of day. May you all enjoy a safer and brighter 2021.

With warmest regards, Ranger 51

The first  Training of Camille DVD is already set up in our store, waiting for activation, which should happen any moment now. The issue that’s preventing it from being activated is the price. Once those on top decide how much the film is worth, it will be up and running and ready for downloads. The DVD by mail will take a bit longer.

The first DVD has sessions 2, 3 and 4. The first session is not ready for DVD, I don’t know if it will ever be. But we will have the story behind it in the club or, if we figure it out, in a few sets of illustrated books, in PDF form, full of images, where all the training sessions are narrated by Jac, with quotes from the Dairy Of Camille and some of my wise and tactful comments.

We plan to produce at least 6 films this year. We’re ready to begin 2021, hoping that it will be better than the year that many may want to forget.

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