Torture à la folie!

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Torture à la folie!

I feel like it was just yesterday that I wrote We’re in October! … and now October is gone! So freaking fast, really, Halloween is in the past! I didn’t even see it happen.

Jac and his extremely lovely Divas, ended the month having a terrific and gut-wrenching fun time in the set, but only for a couple of days a week. As you all know, Dani hosts a TV show, which, during the pandemic lockdown she was recording her part in the show at home and at her most convenient hours. However, beginning a week ago or so, the TV station decided to try to go back to normal by holding two shows LIVE, from the Studio, on Monday and Tuesday and record the rest of the weekly shows every Tuesday, also at the TV studio.

Dani has to have different and complex hairdos, different clothing, as well as different make-up for every daily show. That’s 5 changes of hair styles! On Wednesday she can go back to the way she has her hair in the film she’s working on with Jac. This will be the routine until at least the end of this year; thus, Dani has only three weekdays free to work on the new Red Feline productions.

Nonetheless, the current production, Crux Simplex For Two, is advancing at a dizzying pace regardless of the number of days used to work on it. The energetic and crazy stride of the production has to do with the lack of complicated apparatus to deal with. There’s only the post, an assorted number of chains and shackles hanging from the post and attached to the walls as well as the obligatory variety of whips which Jac wields with spirited enthusiasm on the two beautiful victims he has trapped in his dungeon, simultaneously!

So incredibly effective is the production that in one day the two captive girls in inescapable peril had their feet chained up, beaten in true Bastinado form, their arms set up in the cruel Strappado position, their naked bodies flogged mercilessly …. and more!

Needless to say, I will have a lot to report on what happened, what is happening and what will be happening in the days to come.

A promising new film is breaking through the limitations of a worsening world pandemic, presidential elections in the US and Bolivia, which promise to be contentiously tumultuous at best, sudden bouts with the flu, if not something else, difficult, even painful family issues and so on and so forth. Not an easy time, certainly.

While the orgiastic production of the Crux Simplex For Two is fiercely moving forward, the frenetic post production of two other films is going just as fervid.

CruXtreme IV is going through the careful and time consuming selection of shots but I received the news that the opening scene of this film is already in fine cut, with music, title, credits and all that Jazz.

Mila looks totally gorgeous on her new solo film, a very strange movie, indeed, where the ladder and another of our classic instruments of torture last seen in Maleficarum is put to graphically stupendous and original use. Mila returns to making movies, in true beautiful form, more than a year after she participated in the production of Monxa Mala.

It looks like the heroine of such classics as Maleficarum, Le Marquis De La Croix, Barbazul, Dead But Dreaming, Ollala, Justine and Pygmalion, will be working on many, many more films in the next few years. She’ll close this year working with Dani, once more, sharing the pain and, yes, the pleasure, on a new addition to the CruXtreme Series.

In CruXtreme III – The Callback, after all the tortures I mentioned in previous posts, Dani suffers the barbaric nailing of her hands to the wooden crossbar, thus beginning a dreadful and bloody crucifixion that can only get shockingly and painfully nastier.

 CruXtreme III is also advancing in post production. At least 50 minutes of the third film in this series in already in its First Cut, some of it even in fine cut. It will take some time still, but it’s getting there.

zaniaqwerty  You know guys after seeing your work for all these years I’m tempted to make plans to go to Bolivia with my Camera and Gore effects experience and writing skills… and my money and maybe collaborate.

Not too many people can resist the temptation. Amy herself, after watching Martyr at a film festival, was not only tempted, but drawn to join Jac in the adventure that made her world famous as director, script writer, producer and actress. I can say the same for Dani, who heard about Jac and his vampire movie, Dead But Dreaming, left for Spain for a year or so, returned to Bolivia, saw Justine at the Cinemateca and contacted Jac saying: I want to work in your films!… Dani is now working in all of Jac’s new films, not only as an actress, but she’s showing her talents as Producer, Assistant Director, Make-Up Artist, Assistant Gaffer, and Camera Operator.

Anything can happen, but it’s not up to Jac for the first step in this. Actually, he can’t remember when was the last time he went after someone, for professional or personal reasons. They all come to him. He is, after all, a mesmerizing vampire.

In CruXtreme II – The Roommate, Dani is all set across the rack, her head dangling outside the side of the rack, her wrists and ankles attached to the nasty ropes to the opposite extremes of the torture gadget, her legs spread wide apart, thus expose for more torture.

Download CruXtreme II – The Roommate

And now, more from the first official review of CruXtreme I – The Playroom

More Performance than Plot

by Rich Moreland, September 2020

One-Man Crew

For fans with a technical interest in filmmaking, Jac elaborated on what it’s like to work within a confined environment. By the way, he references CX I’s follow-up films, CX II and CX III.

“For the first two films in this series I used only one camera which I had to move a lot for all of the angles I have on each scene, I used a tripod and a crane, depending of the kind of shot I wanted.

“In the current film (CX III) I’m using two cameras, the Canon that I move a lot, setting it up on the tripod or the crane, depending on the kind of shot I want, and a 4K GoPro that [is] above the cross to get a bird’s wide angle view of the scenes.”

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