Suffering Until Blacking Out!

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Suffering Until Blacking Out!

The Production of CruXtreme III is DONE!

The last two days of production were incredibly intense. The last scene was being performed with Dani perched on her triangle of pain, impaled, nailed hands and feet to wooden crossbars, barbed wire wrapped around her breasts, neck and mouth, a sight of extreme cruelty. Her nailed feet dangling, the camera rolling, the barbed wire pressing agains her bleeding neck, when Dani moved in a way that was great dramatically but not good for her well being.

A short time before this moment, they were shooting a long shot of her final crucifixion where Dani was displaying all her glorious suffering. Jac was changing the camera position from the long shot to a closeup for the next action, when the barbed wire was going to be wrap around Dani’s neck and mouth… after tightening it around her breasts, of course. That’s when they had this exchange

DaniHow much longer do you need? It’s hurting a lot down there…
JacWe can stop now and continue tomorrow
Dani:  No. There’s a lock down tomorrow, let’s just move on, I can take it, let’s try to finish this today.

Dani’s cruel torture continued. Jac wrapped the barbed wire around Dani’s neck and then her mouth, holding her bleeding neck against the post. The martyred woman was ready for a last lashing and her final agony. She could hardly move, but her hanging feet, attached to the wood by those nails, were swinging sideways. Dani tilted her head slightly, as far as the barbed wire allowed it. At that point she felt faint and told Jac who stopped the shooting and went to help her.

JacAre you Ok?!!

DaniEverything went black! I was fine when all of a sudden I just went black! 

They were done for the day, but they were not done with the scene.

They took the long weekend off, and they were back in the set on Monday the 24th to complete the production. They filmed the missing shots of the final scene with all the precautions necessary and without any problems. Before they knew it the production of the new film was done.

There was a feeling of having done a fantastic job in both of them, while, at the same time, some sadness because they were enjoying making this film so much that they didn’t want it to be done. But it is. The next day they shot an interview with Dani, requested by a critic, with some specific questions about how she sees her participation in these films and after that, they were ready to dismantle the set.

Mila joined them the Thursday the 26th to do exactly that. They put down the old set and with some of the same elements thy put together the new one.  After setting things up they had some rum, french fries, pizza and a bit of left over cake, both Erix and Dani had birthdays days before. There was a new lockdown the next day so it was decided to  be begin shooting the new film the next Monday.

When they were back in the set August was ending and new month and a new production were at hand.

The first official review of CX I has just been published!

Do You Want to Play?

by Rich Moreland, September 2020

Once again, I’ve taken the opportunity to review a Jac Avila film. His newest offering is the first in a series starring Dani Borda.

The blurb that accompanies the latest Red Feline offering, CruXtreme I, states in part:

After a drink, a young woman visits her lover’s playroom and comments, “‘It is so medieval, like the Spanish Inquisition.’ ‘Do you want to play?’ He asks. ‘Yes’, she responds. Thus begins a night of extreme torture and terror.”

Lovely and Eager

Jac Avila’s reinvigoration of the Red Feline genre ensures another success with CruXtreme I (CX I). The film follows the time-tested erotic horror formula that built the Red Feline label and its loyal fan base. Central to Red Feline’s cinematic successes are the likes of the talented sisters Carmen and Veronica Paintoux, Mila Joya, Beatriz Rivera, and the dynamic Amy Hesketh, all of whom fans have come to adore for their willingness to suffer.

Now we have Daniela Borda and she is sensational. Dani is lovely, nicely put together from a physical standpoint and overly eager to please. Her personality is bright with abounding smiles. From what this writer sees in her CX I performance, should this dark and alluring girl decide to continue with Red Feline and give Jac more opportunities to explore her likes and limits, she may very well eclipse her predecessors in her performances.

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