One With The Rack

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One With The Rack

And ridding some kind of Spanish Horse

Dani begins her time on the rack in CruXtreme II – The Roommate. The time she spends on it is so long that she feels she’s part of it, of its cruelty, of its deranged design. As if she had been born to be the one for whom it was built in the first place.

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As she’s stripped off her jeans, those hippie jeans she loved to wear, along with the denim shirt that is long gone, she can only wonder what is in store for her. The effects of the drug in her drink is wearing off.

Of course her drink was drugged! How foolish! She had to realize there was something awful going on the minute she felt dizzy. When does she get that dizzy and so fast? … Too late, her ribs are feeling  a sharp pain as they press unto the hard wooden bars under them, her breasts are hanging down, her back and ass feel the coldness in the room, because the room is cold.

Bergie14: Dani is amazing… I can’t wait to watch her naked body suffer for Jac’s art….

As amazing as Dani is in the two CruXtreme films already released, she’s even more phenomenal in CruXtreme III. Her performance and her willingness to withstand the pain that comes from being mounted on that awfully nasty metal Spanish Horse type of apparatus for a couple of hours, if not more, each time, day after painful day, to get the scenes right, it is the kind of stuff mythological beings are made off.

I can’t say she’s a good sport because she goes beyond that. She accepted that true suffering for Jac’s art comes with the territory. Jac is beginning to feel the pangs of guilt deep within, but the show must go on and it appears that it will go on. However, the comments these two exchanged in messenger the day after this past Wednesday session is very telling.

JacThe shots we made yesterday are really good but it’s not enough.

DaniYou didn’t have everything ready, I feel like I had to go through all that pain for nothing!

Jac : Not so, the master shot looks amazing and the other critical shots are great as well.

Dani: Sure, but that’s not enough to justify the awful pain I feel down my crotch now. I have to go shopping all over the place and it hurst when I walk.

And so on. They were back in the set for CruXtreme III on Wednesday because there were some issues at the beginning of the week, like there were on Thursday and Friday. Some lingering health issues for Dani, emergency shopping because of the pandemic, social disturbances that are causing for meat and chicken to disappear from supermarket, and more. We’re living difficult times indeed.

So now, they should be back in the set on Monday to continue with the very painful scenes Dani still has to suffer for Jac’s art.

Ranger1 Hello again Margot, After my last enquiry in early June 2020 regarding release schedules of “shelved” RF productions from earlier years, I have not found any mention of progress toward releasing the following shelved RF projects:- Seven Days on the Cross (single edited movie format) – I have this RF film marked in my diary today (from your comments of some months ago?) “The Diary of Camille”/ “Training of Camille) Double Cross, Cross and Barbed Wire, and the torture only version of Martyr. From regular fruitless perusal of the Red Feline Club site, I despair that these eagerly awaited RF shelved productions will ever be made available to purchase. I sincerely hope that my increasing despondency will prove to be unwarranted. Sincerely with sadness .

No need to be sad. These things take time. One main reason is because Jac is working practically alone in all of this. Shooting the new movies, processing the movies that were recently made, and so on.

There was a time, a bit short in my view, when there was a complete lockdown in the country because of the pandemic and he had extra time in his hands. That’s not exactly the case now. However, he managed to release Inquisition Rehearsal and he’s now preparing to release The Training of Camille. There’s no Diary of Camille in video. It is part of the material we originally had on the club, the plan is to put it all back, all of it. Double Cross and Cross and Barbed Wire are going to be release after The Training of Camille. The special editing of Martyr is more difficult to do. He has a lot of work with the new film he’s shooting and he needs a lot of time to edit and process the new version of Martyr. But it will happen.

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