Viento En Popa

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Viento En Popa

Or Full Steam Ahead

The expression Viento en Popa, has many meanings, like Full Steam Ahead, In Full Stride, Booming, the more literal meaning being: The Wind Behind Its Sails and so on… It comes from the times of sailing the oceans, of course, with the wind (viento) pushing the ship. That’s how I can describe the post production of the second part of the CruXtreme Series, it is going at full steam, mostly in the last few days when Jac did not leave his chair much.

There were some issues he had to solve, of course, sometimes the cuts give him a hard time, but he managed to solve the problems and he’s now entering the final stage. The film is now 96 minutes of screen time. He predicts that it will be a bit under the 90 min mark. Its release is planned for next week.

Bergie14: Very exciting news Margot! Can’t wait for more updates.  And is Bea still a member of the team, or has she moved on?

Bea is doing a lot of camera work in documentaries now. I wouldn’t say that she moved on, she’s busy with something else for now. Time will tell. She might even become our Director of Photography in future productions.

The production of the third part of the CruXtreme series is suffering some interruptions because of the many issues involving our new reality. It’s difficult to have a shooting schedule with all the changes in the emergency situation in the country, but there will be a lot of torture going on during this week. Maybe not every day, but most days of the week. The first images of those challenging moments for Dani will be coming up soon. I only have some pictures from the first scene and a couple of tests Dani and Jac were involved in as they prepared for the second scene in the movie.

As we approach the end of the month… so very fast, we think that we’re all set in our work for then next few weeks with the release of a couple of movies and the production of at least two films. CruXtreme III, of course, and one other production to be chosen from all those films in development. One likely film to be produced is 69 An Erotic Year because it is easier than other films.

However, if the conditions are not in place for a big production values film that involve many locations and lots of people, Dani, Mila and Simonne are ready and willing for simpler, two cast and crew movies like the one we’re shooting now.

One of them has an inquisition theme, with Simonne in the leading role of Blanca in Blanca and The Inquisitor, based on the real life drama of a woman accused of blasphemy and sent to face the inquisitor who finds more sins to blame on the poor girl. This story is also inspired by one of the Marquis De Sade works. The script combines the real life drama of Blanca and some of the dialogues are taken from the De Sade’s book, because they match the exchange of the inquisitor has with Blanca in a very strange way.

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