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Back In The Set for CruXtreme III

It was way back in March, when Dani and Jac were very busy preparing the premiere of Amy’s film Pygmalion and made some tests for CruXtreme III, they even shot parts of the opening scene. A very sad problem back then was that Amy was going to miss the premiere because of the Covid 19 virus which started spreading in the US. The first people to die of the disease in the US were a few miles from Amy’s home. Traveling for her was off indefinitely. Little did we know.

Suddenly the first infected people showed up in Bolivia and the government ordered an immediate shutdown. The premiere was cancelled and the entire country went into lockdown. We’re in June, two months since the quarantine, and things are beginning to open up … slowly. So, Dani and Jac decided to begin the process of producing the new film.

Jac had some time to think a bit more about the film and had some ideas. Dani, too, had some suggestions, so they decided to start from scratch beginning with some testing.

One primary part of the film is Dani mounted on a spike attached to a contraction where she would suffer most of her tortures.  Jac wanted to test one of his ideas. Dani got on the contraption and Jac proceeded to tie her wrists, ankles, neck and breasts with barbed wire.

While in quarantine, Jac was progressing with CruXtreme II. If I’m not mistaken it will be ready for release at the end of the coming week. The new film is over two hours long at this point, but it will be cut down to around 90 minutes during the weekend, with that, the First Cut of the film will be DONE!

The Final Cut, Sound Mix and Color Correction will be completed during the next few days, it is not that difficult, and by the end of the coming week, if not sooner, we’ll be setting it up in our stores and I will definitely announce the release.

As we all were busy with producing, post producing, pre producing, promoting, writing scripts and so on, Amy was not wasting any time during the lockdown. She was busy Zooming with her students, teaching them the art of filmmaking, Zooming with producers and directors around the US with a Women Make Movies conference she organized, doing sound work for her newest film Rucker The Trucker and if that was not enough, she was producing and directing a short film, Love In The Time of Covid, she acted in it too! You can watch it now!

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