After All This Suffering, What’s My Reward?

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After All This Suffering, What’s My Reward?

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Dani waits, and waits, for something good to happen. All that suffering must have a reward, she thinks. And she waits. All signs point to the end of the quarantine. In the US things appear to be heading to a normalcy with ribbons of tragedy, while in Brazil people are dying right and left. But up in the altitude of La Paz the virus seems to be under control, so, beginning June 1st, the measures will be relaxed to a point and if all goes that way, then Dani will get her reward, a couple of weeks of glorious suffering for the third part of the CruXtreme Series.
By then, the second part, CruXtreme II – The Roommate should be heading to our store. Jac is eager to have that done before he starts shooting the next movie.

As I mentioned before, I’m rebuilding our site vermeerworks. I just published an old interview, 2011, with Jac and Amy about Maleficarum. It was published by (re)Search My Trash. It’s a very good interview, here’s an excerpt:

Amy: I guess Mariana is someone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. She’s a Protestant widow, with no family, and thus unprotected by a man, not exactly a good thing in that time. She is taken in by a rich orphan woman and they begin a lesbian relationship, and she’s subsequently persecuted by the inquisition. She’s someone who should logically just give up, but she keeps on hanging on, in spite of being brutally tortured, and seeing her lover tortured; she has a strong soul.

I had a few tough times after shooting some of the more pathetic moments in Mariana’s arch. It was hard to shake off so much suffering and misery, and I felt like crying even more after we had cut, out of sympathy for the victims. I think it starts to affect my happy chemicals or whatever after a full day of that. Continue reading the Interview Here

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