As Time Goes By, The Pain Remains

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As Time Goes By, The Pain Remains

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As time passes, slowly, the young tortured woman awaits the promised moment of release. In what form will it come? If it does? Her torturer is not around to torment her or to free her… or to end it. She languishes in her pain, not knowing what will come … or maybe she does.

And time seems to pass slowly during the quarantine most of the world is forced into just because some people decided to eat some almost raw wild creature in China, or so they say, I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. But time did not slow down for Jac. He’s pretty busy, and as a matter of fact, there’s not enough time in the day for what he’s doing. He completed the rough cut of the second movie in the CruXtreme Series, he’s going to take a day or two to get some distance before he starts on the First Cut. He believes that he’ll be done by the end of the week and he’ll quickly go through the Final Cut, Mix and Color. He expects to be ready to release it sometime before the middle of May. Dani’s fan base is growing.

ranger1 Hello Margot, Amid all the excitement of the release of “Inquisition Rehearsal” and imminent (?) release of “Training of Camille” in some quantity, I’ve forgotten to check again on progress towards finalizing the “Double Cross” project. Is that keenly awaited RF movie being progressed towards release, given the hard work being done by Jac (and other?) to theatre shelved projects, please? In the interim, I post this series of promo vid caps from the “Double Cross” material as available to date. I have manipulated lighting in the Photoshop Elements app, and rearranged them into (I think) a more logical sequence to match the imagined story line.

In a similar vein, I post the only vidcap I have of the RF project “Cross and Barbed Wire” (c2009) starring the exquisite form of Gabrielle enduring her torture and crucifixion with yet another superb crux performance. Is this RF shelved project among the others to be finalised during the coronavirus caused hiatus, please? From the backdrops used, I assume that this RF “Cross and Barbed Wire” was recorded around the same time as “Double Cross”?

After getting the Inquisition Rehearsal video ready, Jac went over the Training Camille material to prepare its imminent release. The first of the three that are ready should be in our stores by the end of this month. He’ll be going over Double Cross and probably Cross And Barbed Wire to see how far they are into the post. He hasn’t seen them in a while. If there are some small details to complete, then they both should be ready for release at the end of May. Both films were shot during the time when Gabrielle was in La Paz to shoot Amy’s first film as a director, the now classic and controversial Sirwiñakuy. Gabrielle arrived at the end of October, and as the production was being prepared, Jac thought it would be a good idea to have some fun. What better way to have fun than to crucify them both? At the same time?

The night they were going to work on the double crucifixion, Amy fell ill, so, Jac consoled himself by crucifying Gabrielle and torturing her with barbed wire. Two days later, he was crucifying both of them. After they were done with Sirwiñakuy, there was some time left before Gabrielle headed back to France and so they went to the far away castle where Amy suffered torture and crucifixion in AristoCrux and they shot, in three days and for 100 dollars in expenses, Specters of Blood Castle. Thus, in less than two months, they made four movies and some really nice photo shoots. Specters of Blood Castle is another film that was shelved and will see its release this year.

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