The Mad Monk

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The Mad Monk Runs Amok 

Agustinus sits at his usual chair in the depths of the dungeon and waits for Leticia to be brought in.

He’s there to punish the young woman for having organized a pagan feast at the monastery, where she was forced to enter by her mother, the wealthy Marquise that owns most of the town, if not all.

The monk has taken over the Inquisition’s dungeons after they were abandoned by the church and he puts them to good use, as he convinced the monasteries and cloisters to send their rebellious novices and nuns to be set in the path of righteousness. He also convinced the wealthy Marquise to support his task with an extremely generous yearly contribution, which she’s happy to do because apart from servicing the church, the monk serves her unusual desires.

When Leticia is put to the whip, in front of Agustinus, she does not take her punishment with the humility and repentance that would be expected of a humble novice. She does the opposite, she talks back, to the extreme of telling to the annoyed monk’s face, that the only reason he is where he is, it is because of her mother’s foolish gifts.

Agustinus has a way with those under his ‘care’. Barbara, his current favorite, is one of those who pleases him the most, even while Leticia is under the lash. The monk will learn, soon enough, that she might be carrying something of his inside.

Julia offers herself to him as well, to gain his favors. Lucrecia, the enforcer, has a special place in his dark heart too. Even the Marquise enjoys his companionship.

However, when the monk lowers Leticia’s gown, exposing her breasts, she pushes him away in disgust, a reaction he’s not familiar with.

“You will pay for this” he warns her after her rebukes grow. “I don’t expect anything better than the others … father” she admonishes him. “Not even because of all of the money my mother gives you to live your pleasures and excesses in the realm of your ‘holy’ office“.

Her words touch him deeply. How dare she! “You will be tortured and crucified upon that dead trunk!” he threatens.

From that moment on, Agustinus looses it. He has Leticia lashed without mercy until her back is bloody. He has other tortures is store for her, including to burn her soft skin with hot irons.

After a defiant act by Justa trying to protect her mistress, Agustinus tortures her on the rack.

The monk also learns that Martina was keeping secrets from him, so he sends her to the rack to be tormented beyond her limits.

But that’s not all. He and Lucrecia torture Leticia in between torturing the others, prolonging the young woman’s suffering way longer than the rest. Even Barbara, his favorite, falls under his wrath and she is put to the wheel to suffer the lash and other horrible torments.

Julia too, is tortured beyond what she expected or wanted to suffer and Lucrecia … Oh Lucrecia, she’s not beyond his demonic reach.

From a review soon to be published:
Jac Avila’s newest cinematic creation goes beyond anything he has done before, which is normal for a Cinematic Artist like the director of MALEFICARUM, MARTYR, JUSTINE, and DEAD BUT DREAMING.