The Faithful Servant

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Justa, The Loyal and Faithful Servant

When Leticia arrives to the dungeons of the Holy Office, she brings Justa with her, one of Leticia’s family servants who was sent to the monastery to take care of the young mistress needs. Being the daughter of the Marquise has its privileges. Justa is as loyal and trustworthy as a woman of her condition can be. She’s indigenous to those lands conquered by the Spaniards.

She watches as Leticia is whipped for her transgressions, and she is there to help the young woman when Martina takes care of her lashed body. But just before she enters the room where Leticia is taken,  Justa witnesses as Agustinus takes Barbara, strips her down to her waist, bends her over, raises her gown and enters her from behind. “This demon takes her from behind, like he does with the Marquise” Justa whispers to herself. Soon after Justa assists Martina in disposing with Barbara’s problem

Leticia’s torture begins. Chained by her neck to the post, her back is whipped bloody, she’s then turn around to face her tormentor, that’s when  Justa intervenes, launching herself in front of the chained woman screaming “Enough!”.

Justa’s gown is lowered and she receives the lashes meant for her mistress. As the whip falls on her back, Justa turns to the monk and yells “you’re the devil!

After her bloody lashing, Justa is taken to the rack where the monk himself tortures her with a hook telling her that her kind doesn’t have a soul, so he can’t send her to hell.

As the monk rips her insides, Justa calls him a demon, claiming that she saw him enter the Marquise and Barbara from behind, as dogs do to bitches.

Leticia screams as she sees her faithful servant tortured. Justa turns to her screaming in agony, uttering the words “My mistress, he’s the demon!”.

From a review soon to be published:

“Jac Avila‘s newest cinematic creation goes beyond anything he has done before, which is normal for a Cinematic Artist like the director of Maleficarum, MARTYR, Justine, and DEAD BUT DREAMING.”