The Healer, The Problem Solver

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The Healer – Problem Solver

Martina, played by Graciela, knows her place. She has been with the Mad Monk the longest. She’s in charge of healing those nuns and novices who pass by the dungeons to be chastised and to send them back to the monastery as healthy as they arrived days, maybe weeks, before.

She voiced her lack of conviction to be a nun, the reason why she was sent to the dungeons to be punished and to then stay with the task of tending to the needs of those that fall in the hands of the Mad Monk and succumb to his pleasures and excesses.

Martina knows the secrets all those around her hold because she’s part of them. She has solved the problems of those who fell under the spell of Agustinus, but she never forced anyone to go through the ‘treatment‘.  She didn’t forced Lucrecia, she agreed to do it. She didn’t force the Marquesa either, nor any of the other novices or nuns that required her services.

Martina is now confronted with the task of solving Barbara’s problem, something Barbara refuses to do because she wants to keep what she suspects she has inside, but the Mad Monk insists, Martina has to do it… or else.

Martina falls from  Agustinus grace because she kept the information she had from him, as all the others did. The six novices under Agustinus charge have become part of the demon’s coven and they must pay.

Martina meets her fate when she’s put to the rack to be tortured without mercy.