Perfectly Sadomasochistic

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Julia, The Perfectly Sadomasochist Novice

She loves to torture, but she loves to be tortured even more

Julia, played by Stephanie, aka Katerine, arrives to the dungeon with Leticia, they are friends, and she participated of the pagan feast Leticia organized at the monastery.

As Julia watches Leticia being whipped for her transgressions, she notices Barbara’s closeness to the Monk. That’s a clue for the young woman as to what can make her life at the dungeons more to her extreme taste. She has to get into the monk’s heart and mind, as she just saw Barbara do when she reached into the Monk’s pants to please him while he had his eyes fixed on Leticia suffering under the whip.

When Leticia is under the care of Martina, after her first harsh penance, Julia asks her if the whipping hurt a lot. You would’ve love it, Leticia responds. She knows her friend very well and she knows that she will probably enjoy paying for her sins.

When Julia’s turn comes to talk to Agustinus, she offers herself to him and requests to pay for her transgressions on the cross and that the monk himself should be the one to whip her.

Thus begins her descent into the depths of the horrid torture chamber. She means to please the Mad Monk and as she does, she participates in the whipping of Justa, she relishes torturing Martina, sinking the stiletto into her flesh, over and over again.

Later she does the same to Leticia, sinking the sharp, thin and long metal under her friend’s breast, after the young woman had been tortured, whipped and burn with the hot iron.

However that is not enough for Julia. She wants to suffer the ultimate torture to show that she can take as much, if not more, than the others.