The Hyper Sensual Favorite

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Barbara, The Hyper Sensual Favorite

Who Wants To Become The Cruel Enforcer

At the beginning of the film, Barbara confides in Martina the ordeal she faces. “It’s been more than a month since…”

The overtly sensual Barbara is known as the Mad Monk’s favorite and she’s confident that she has his heart in her hands and that given her suspected condition, she might have more influence and power over him than anyone in the cold and dark dungeons they inhabit. However…

Barbara has the intention of telling Agustinus that she might be carrying something of his inside. Will he be pleased? Will he feel that she is his forever? Martina’s words cast a dark shadow in her mind “You’re not the first and you wont be the last…”

For Dani, who plays Barbara, the role was deliciously difficult. She has to be both, sweet and vicious and she has a few hot scenes before things go bad for her.

Before revealing her secret, she asks to be the enforcer, claiming that she can be more efficient and cruel than Lucrecia. She gets her chance to be The Enforcer, although temporarily, and she has Julia, who decided to compete with her for the favors of the Monk, under her whip. She even gets the chance to whip Lucrecia herself!

Barbara’s destiny in the film is to spend most of her time on The Wheel, where she is tortured, whipped and whipped again, with intervals of course, Lucrecia and the Mad Monk had others to torture and make her wait for more harsh treatment.

Dani loved the wheel and the wheel loves her, so she is spending a lot of her time these days, being tortured on the wheel for another film, Crux Extrema. More about that later.

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