The Perfect Enforcer

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Mila’s Transformation

From Perfect Victim To The Perfect Enforcer

Mila was tortured in Maleficarum, tortured and crucifed in Le Marquis de la Croix, Crucified in Dead But Dreaming, strangled in Barbazul, had some good fun in Olalla where she played s&m games with her vampire uncle, she was spanked in Pygmalion, tortured and crucified again in Mila À La Croix, tortured, whipped and crucified in Justine … not to mention her bloodless suffering in the Via Crucis of Mila, where she’s whipped and crucified sans nails.

In Maleficarum Monxa Mala she plays Lucrecia the Enforcer, she is in charge of a lot of the torturing and whipping in the film. She lashes and tortures Leticia for almost the entire length of the film, taking breaks only to torture someone else. She’s involved in torturing Barbara, Martina and Justa. She delights in whipping Barbara on the wheel.

Lucrecia is the perfect enforcer, she shows no pity, not at all. She’s faithful and does not question the Mad Monk’s commands, she just follows them. He doesn’t even have to tell her what he wants. She knows exactly what he wants and expects. She’s faithful to him to death.

Leticia dominates the film, from beginning to end. She loved to role so much, that she wants to repeat the experience.

Eulalia commented at the CruxForum:
Simonne, who said “we must do this again and again!” Bless her, it’s so lovely to hear that, to know the girls really enjoyed the excitement of making the film – I can certainly believe it, though I know a lot of people wouldn’t understand at all.

They all enjoyed making the film, some more than others, they all gave their best and made the film possible.