Maleficarum Monxa Mala Is Here!

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Maleficarum Monxa Mala

The Film Is Here!


The Inquisition has been suspended. Father Agustinus, takes over the abandoned dungeons, with the monetary support from a wealthy Marquise, to keep the place functioning for the penance of those nuns who stray from the path of holiness.

Leticia, the Marquise’s daughter, is sent to these horrid place to be set right and pay for her transgressions. Her sin, she organised a pagan feast at the Monastery where she was forced to enter by her mother.

Leticia defies the monk, who proclaims that he’s not a weak man or a slave to the flesh, but he allows himself to be tempted by those who fall under his care and rule, living his pleasures and excesses in the realm of the Holy Inquisition dungeons.

When one of the novices whispers to Agustinus that she might be carrying inside something of his, the monk perceives that as a sign that his novices are keeping secrets from him; thus, they all must pay.

Agustinus will use all the inquisition instruments he has at his disposal to punish them and cast out the demons that have broken the peace of his Holy Office.


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