What’s that sound?

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Building The Sound Tracks

Ending the post production of a film can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. The end is so close and yet with every step taken, it appears that the end of the line is farther away.

Jac worked on the film all week last week, building the soundtracks for the sound mix while, at the same time, trimming down the scenes. He still has some detailed work to do, not a lot, but it will take a couple of more days to close this stage of the work.

Building the soundtrack is a bit more complex than I thought it would be. There are some ambience FX, special FX, music, and so on. Jac expects to be done with all that by Wednesday night. At least that’s the plan. The mixing and processing will take place right away as well as the color correction.

After all that is done, he’ll process the master and work on the DVD master as well. He’s thinking of uploading the master to Vimeo as well. Everything should be uploaded to our servers next week.

The film went down from 2 hrs 9 min, to 1 hr 52 minutes, it will probably go down some more by the time Jac is done with the soundtracks and trimmings on Wednesday.

It’s taking a bit longer that planned but it’s all for the best, the film is looking and sounding great.
In the other news Dani is going to be working on a SOLO project, CruxExtrema, which actually might turn into three projects: Extreme Wheel, Extreme Rack and Extreme Crux.

Jac also had a nice conversation with Simone who told him she would be willing to work on a few SOLO projects as well. Jac’s brain is busy coming up with what kind of concepts to work for the star of Malificarum Monxa Mala.

I can see a few films coming out with the Dani, Simone  and maybe with Mila. All of them this year.

One thing is for sure, April is the month when Maleficarum Monxa Mala gets ready for release.