The Last Stretch

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The Last Stretch For Maleficarum Monxa Mala

Jac is in the last stretch for this film. This past week was extremely busy. Two weeks out of the HQ has consequences, the short, relaxing, emotional journey left us with lots of work to do upon our return home. We had to take care of many big and little details, like accounting, and unresolved issues, some dealing with legal and business matters.  However, Jac dedicated a lot of time to the editing process, the final cut, and he’s advancing well. At least 50 minutes of the film went through their final cut, 2 hours of screen time still ahead to be cut down a bit.

Jac plans to finish cutting down those final two hours during the coming week. If he manages to do the job the way it has to be done, perfectly, all that will be left is the sound mix and color correction, both of which take a day or two. Then comes the processing of the clips in their different formats and the uploading to our stores. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be releasing the film in two weeks. I don’t think we’ll be able to do it before that. I expect we’ll have a teaser, or trailer very soon.

Meanwhile, we’re also busy with our websites, revamping  because we’ll have the theatrical release of Pygmalion in July, and we need to have the site nicely set up. There’s a lot of work coming our way in that part of our production work and we must be prepared.

Jac will be having talks with Dani and Simone for the possibility of making a couple of  ‘solo’ movies with them, in the style of  The Passion of Isabel, where one character will suffer extreme and multiple torture. Dani already expressed her willingness to be put through a lot more than she had been put through so far. Simone was very happy with the work in Monxa Mala, so, she too might be willing.

We’ll release MMM before we get involved in any new productions of course, but Jac is planning the work for the rest of April and May. In June and July we’ll be busy with a documentary and the theatrical release of Pygmalion. From August to the end of the year there are some plans already, two feature films, at least and the possible trip to France in November, something exciting will be happening there.

Part of Jac’s emotional journey to Europe had to do with Carmen, aka Camille, who underwent surgery the very same day Jac was arriving in Bolivia. All went well. She did not communicate with Jac until today, they had a great chat and he learned, to his relief, that Carmen is doing great, that she’s returning to her artistic activities, that what she faced was scary and that she’s not yet completely out of the hook, she’ll know better in a month, but it looks promising. And she surprised Jac with her willingness to be part of a film we’re planning to shoot in the US. Veronique confirmed it too, so, if Jac gets the funds, he’ll be working a an extremely dark production with Carmen and Veronique… and… AMY!

It’s Back To Work time now, and we’re fully committed to release Maleficarum Monxa Mala this month!

We would love it if you visit,  there are some nice old, but newly posted reviews of our films, lots to read and learn about our work.