The Second Act – All Hell Breaks Loose

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The Second Act

When All Hell Breaks Loose In The Dungeon

Jac is advancing with the montage of the film. Over one hour of Maleficarum Monxa Mala is ready for its final and fine cut.  He’s in the middle of the centerpiece of the film, the complex Second Act I’ve mentioned before, where all hell breaks loose in the Mad Monk’s dungeon. I referred to the Second Act as The Three Ring Circus.

I believe that in the next four days a lot more will be accomplished in the editing front, particularly between today and Tuesday when a series of sequences will be put together, Martina will suffer the rack, Leticia will suffer more torture, Barbara will suffer The Wheel, Leticia will suffer again, no rest for poor Leticia, Julia will suffer the ladder … and that’s not even close to the end of the second act.

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