Cutting (A Film) Can Be Painful

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Cutting A Film As A Painful Experience

Sometimes, when an actress does an excellent job in expressing anguish, fear and pain, the scene goes from Realistic to This Looks Fucking Real To Me. It happened in Olalla, when Amy expressed so much fear in one scene that it was painful to watch. It’s happening in Maleficarum Monxa Mala.

Jac was in the middle of cutting one scene, where Dani is put on The Rack for some rough mistreatment, and her pleading, crying, screaming was so poignant, that Jac’s natural empathy came rushing up to him and he could not watch what he filmed, directed, created. He was so deeply touched, that a scene that has only a few shots, nothing extremely long, and that could be easily edited in a couple of hours or less, took him almost three days to complete.

He had to stop, many times, after going over shots to select the takes to put them together and build the agonising, heartbreaking scene. After putting a couple of shots together, hwe would do something else, like watching cat videos in FB. At one point he thought that maybe the scene was too much and it should not be in the film … at all.

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