Three Ring Circus of Pain

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The Three Ring Circus of Pain

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Jac is in the middle of intense post production work. He has arrived to the center piece of the movie, that’s when everything goes bat crazy, to use the American jargon. The story centers on Leticia, played by Simone, who at that point of the story where Jac is in the editing, reacts to the Mad Monk’s advances and she says what he doesn’t really want to hear, unleashing his holy wrath. From that moment on, the fate of all 6 novices is sealed.

One after the other, the novices fall from grace, one after the other, they shed their blood, one after the other they suffer torture.  Leticia, who suffers the most because she’s the center of all the pandemonium she caused. She’s tortured while the others are tortured. She suffers while the others, one at a time, maybe two at a time, go through their painful ordeals. And in the most bizarre way, they all collaborate in the suffering of the others. All except one, Justa, who, with her own truth, increases the wrath of the Mad Monk.

This is the second act in the film and it is the most intense. It was the most difficult to shoot and it is the most difficult to edit and it is the center piece of the film. It begins at around 30 minutes into the film and it goes on until almost the very end, over an hour of incredibly fierce and extreme torture for all.

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