The Intense and Bloody Finale

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The Intense and Bloody Finale of The Production

Maleficarum Monxa Mala

There’s one word that can fully describe Maleficarum Monxa Mala, and that is BLOODY. There’s a line of dialogue at the beginning of the film, when Martina, the older nun in charge of taking care of those who suffer the whip, tells the novices, “… and here I’m, locked within these walls, stained with the blood of innocent women“.

When Jac decided to use his bedroom and dressing room as the set of the torture dungeon, he and his three damsels in distress painted it blood red, but not totally, not evenly. He wanted to leave spots unpainted. The effect is that of great discomfort. The place is dark and it appears to be very cold sometimes. It looks like the walls are stained with the blood of hundreds of women.

The walls reflect a gloomy blood red light that seems to engulf everything. It’s a terrifying dungeon. It is the stage where the suffering of the 6 unfortunate souls takes place.

After a couple of weeks of no production work, the cast was finally in the set to start shooting the remaining scenes of the film for the final week of production. It began on Monday with Mila tortured on the Rack and later made to crawl, under the whip, to the post, where both Mila and Dani share the ultimate torture.


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