An Important Update on The Red Feline Club

Posted on Posted in Films, Maleficarum II - Monxa Mala

You might have noticed that we’re moving the Ranking of Our Films 2018 to, the open page of our site.

There’s very good reason for that. For a long time we neglected our brand name page, concentrating on the club and posting the news about our productions in other sites. Those news should be in our main website.

We’ll be posting less in outside sites and more in our main site to attract more people and encourage our fans to visit more often.

We’ll be expanding the club as well, like it was intended before we got really busy in producing Maleficarum Monxa Mala.

The club will feature stories, videos, more and more pictures and exclusive materials like the making of our movies videos and stories, interviews, updates on new productions and a lot more.

Stay tuned!