Good Bye 2018 – Hello 2019

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Good Bye 2018 – Hello 2019

We’re getting ready to say good bye to the old and hello to the new.

We’re in between holidays and everything came to a sudden stop, as far as production goes. Jac intended to do some shooting this passing week, but it did not work out as planned, too many things got in the way. Including some emergency work for funds, dealing with some minor health issues, some cast members going away, and more, a lot more.

To complete what’s left of the film, Jac scheduled three days next week/year, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In those three days all of the scenes that are pending will be shot.

Jac is spending a good amount of time in editing the film. He concentrated on a critical sequence of the movie to make sure that he has everything that he needs. It’s a complex, multilayered sequence, critical in the story because that’s when things turn from simple punishments to cruel torture. It’s a transition sequence and it has lots of shots, lots, too many events happening at once, like a three ring circus, really.

The good news is that the First Cut of the film is already at the 30 minutes mark. Which is very good. It means that the editing will advance rather nicely.

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