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Mila À La Croix In The Can

Originally published in the Red Feline Club on August, 2018

Things got pretty intense for Mila the last couple of days. She went through hours of torturous situations where she pushed herself beyond her limits, so much that Jac got concerned she might not be willing to go all the way to the end of the painful sequence he had in mind for her.

Fortunately the intense sequence had a final session and now Mila À La Croix is in the CAN!

Until very recently I was mostly discussing Maleficarum Monxa Mala, the project currently in production. But Mila À La Croix took center stage for a few days without really having a negative effect on the progress of the new Maleficarum Movie. Yes. I think we’re creating a new genre, the Maleficarum Movie genre.

Mila À La Croix is, in some way, a Maleficarum Movie too. The original intention was to work on a sequence with a good number of shots, camera angles, within a short period of time and in the newly painted set and see what happens. The results cannot be better. The small crew, Bea at the camera, Jac and Dani doing all the work and acting a bit, and Mila suffering and suffering and suffering some more.

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