Maleficarum II – Monxa Mala – The seeds

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A Massive Tree Begins with a Single Seed

Seven years ago, Amy and Jac were preparing to shoot two films, Amy’s second feature, Barbazul, and Jac’s new script La Jaula De Dolores (Dolores’ Cage). It was early October 2010, they were pre producing both films, casting, location scouting and so forth. They had a new actress, Mila Joya, who was training with Jac for a role in Cage, and who was also going to be in Barbazul if she passed Amy’s casting.
Amy’s first film, the highly controversial Sirwiñakuy, was on its fourth month on the big screen, so things were kind of exciting then. Then Amy received an email from a very strange dwarf that goes by the name of Ralphus. He had an offer.
The little man’s offer was simple. I’ll give you some good cash if you make an inquisition movie with one particular torture in it. The idea was to have one of the accused tied to a contraption that would go around and around on top of very hot coals. A barbecue scene of sorts. Amy took the challenge, she designed the apparatus and a new film was born. Maleficarum!
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