Photogenic Changes In The Set

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Portraits of the Set for The Passion of Isabel

The Passion of Isabel rushes ahead. The set is almost ready, all those perky details are being taken care off by Jac, sometimes with a little help from Eric the torturer and of course Bea who has to be in place when Jac tests the lights, the chains, The Rack and all those gadgets, torture instruments and props he plans to use in the movie.

Monday was a very busy day for Bea and Jac. It started with Jac, with Eric’s aid, setting up The Wheel in a different area of the dungeon. For over a year, The Wheel had occupied a large part of the Dungeon. It was settled there for JUSTINE. To test it, with Bea’s help, it was set up in the center of the set, still, it was taking to big a space. So, Jac and Eric moved The Wheel to its new location, to a side, where all the parts of it that hold it in place would not take usable space.

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